Kawasaki KZ  400 1974

Kawasaki kz 400  Angelina

   With this motorbike, we started experimenting with different metals to give them the best possible aspect knowing that the only painting for this one would be transparent. That's why the contrast of textures and colors we can get from the Raw metal is the focus of Angelina. To achieve this contrast, each and every piece was worked on; the chassis was polished by hand with a bronze metal scratch which gave a bronze color to the tubes.
We wanted this moto to be a protagonist, so we chose a small tank which lets the motor's head appear resulting in a line looking like a cafe racer, a brat style and a japan bobber.
To accentuate the fluidity in the motorbike's line, all the metal parts from the back were brought to the front and a board-seat was chosen for the seat integration, without loosing it's format. A cafe racer style aluminum colin was also integrated without raising the motorbike.
The idea was to create a very clean motorbike, and as in every one of our bikes, we hid all the cables.
When one sees the motorbike from its side, it gives the impression of rolling because all the visual weight is on the wheels and the motor.